Artist Bio:

Kerry Dyke is a lifelong resident of NJ and a painting concentration BFA upperclassman at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. She works in fantastical figurative painting, mainly in egg tempera, but often in watercolor pencils & ink. Her formal considerations include a united and earthy color palette, extreme and unusual lighting, layered grounds, and compositional & corporeal torsion and motion.


Personal Bio:

I’m Kerry, a 20-somethings artist working in figurative egg tempera painting and traditional-media illustration.  I love mythology, nature, and fantasy. I’m a huge Tolkien fan, but I also have my own fantasy world, Hkäüdthár, which I’ve been working on pretty much my whole life. I live in Perth Amboy, NJ, a convenient train ride away from NYC in one direction and Philly in the other.  Running and fitness are among the other loves of my life (aside from artmaking), which shows up in my tendency towards the athletic human form in my art.


Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

  • September 2018-indefinite - New Brunswick, NJ - 4-piece installation at Winants Hall historic administrative building at Rutgers Old Queens Campus

  • October-December 2018 - Piscataway, NJ  - 2-piece feature & artist's talk in the inaugural exhibition at the Rutgers Club at Rutgers Livingston Campus

  • May 2018 - Perth Amboy, NJ - Table at Perth Amboy Waterfront Arts Festival

  • March-May 2018 - Red Bank, NJ - Piece in Local Vision: Spring Fever at All Things Local

  • October 2017 - New Brunswick, NJ - Piece in Undergraduate Open at Mason Gross Gallery

  • February 2016 - Perth Amboy, NJ - 2 pieces in Red4 at Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts

  • August 2015 - Brooklyn, NYC, NY - Piece in Black & White at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists' Coalition

  • May 2015 - Perth Amboy, NJ - Table at Perth Amboy Waterfront Arts Festival

  • April 2015 - Manhattan, NYC, NY - Piece in Women's Art (traveling show) at Saphira & Ventura Gallery

  • April 2015 - Perth Amboy, NJ - 10-work feature in Women's Art (traveling show) at Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts

  • March 2015 - Newark, NJ - 2 pieces in Women's Art (traveling show) at Casa de Ribatejo Espaco Arte