Thank you for considering making a purchase!  My artworks take considerable time and effort to craft, so your patronage is greatly appreciated.

All original artworks ship to locations in the US, gallery-framed when applicable, via USPS Ground.  Please account for the time that standard ground shipping takes to arrive at your location, which USPS advertises as 2-8 business days, but may vary.  Also please account for the possibility that your artwork might yet need to be framed, which can take up to an additional week.  All shipping on originals to locations in the US is complimentary.

If you would like an original shipped outside the US, please contact me using the form or phone number provided in the "Contact" page to receive a shipping quote and to purchase directly through me.  Note that I will expect you to assume the full cost of shipping and tariffs, as international parcel shipping, especially when oversize or overweight (both of which are often the case of a painting on panel), can become quite expensive.

If you would like to commission an artwork or a project, please contact me using the form or phone number provided in the "Contact" page.

Note that at this time, returns are not accepted.